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Holland Systemen wins Siemens "Best Newcomer 2019" award


During the annual European conference of Siemens Building Technologies partners, Holland Systemen has won the title of “Best Newcomer 2019”. This award is given to companies which, despite the short duration of their partnership with Siemens, carried out spectacular investments together with this manufacturer.



7 new partners from 21 countries were nominated for the Best Newcomer award. “The partner concept is an important pillar of our activities around the world,” emphasized Paul de Backker, director of global marketing and business support at Siemens Building Technologies. “The partners know the local market and are close to their customers, which gives us quick feedback that we can translate into a product portfolio that meets market requirements” he said.

The implementation that brought Electrum the distinction was the Ogrodowa Office in Łódź – a six-storey A-class office building, where Electrum designed and made turn-key electrical installations for low- and high-current, automation and BMS using Siemens technology.

Siemens awards prizes in four categories – Business Excellence, Best Reference, Best Communication and Best Newcomer. In the group of all winners, Electrum was the only partner from Central and Eastern Europe.